Finnish-Swedish folkdance organisation

Finlands Svenska Folkdansring (FSF) is a Finnish-Swedish folkdance organisation which is grounded 1931. The mission for the FSF is to organize the folkdance activity in the Finnish-Swedish areas in Finland and to spread knowledge and interest about folkdance, traditional games and plays and folklore in general. FSF also wants to arouse interest in national costumes and folk music and to gain cooperation with similar national and Scandinavian organisations.
FSF achieves its goals by arranging courses, writing publications and organizing nationwide assemblies every Summer, which are called “Folkdansstämma”. The activity is led by an ideal administration. The paid personnel consist of a part-time executive director and a part-time head instructor. The planning and realization is mainly organised by diverse divisions. The divisions which nowadays are active are the Division of Education, the Division of Child and Youth and the Division of Action.

The Folkdance groups are the members of FSF through the six districts, which are:
Östra Nylands Folkdansdistrikt r.f.
Helsingfors Folkdansdistrikt r.f.
Västra Nylands Folkdansdistrikt r.f.
Åbolands Folkdansdistrikt r.f.
Mellersta Österbottens Folkdansdistrikt r.f.
Norra Österbottens Folkdansdistrikt r.f.

Also the Folkdance group ”Folkdansarna på Åland” is a member of FSF.
Children and members younger than 17 years belong to the junior folkdance groups.